We are now offering an Zero interest, Zero fee Layaway Plan for everything in your shopping cart. When you check out simply select the “LAYAWAY” option and pay 20% down. The remainder is due any time in the next 120 days.

  1. No fees!  No interest!  No charges!  (20% Deposit is non-refundable)
  2. You have 120 days from initial payment date to pay the balance.
  3. Pay early with no fees.
  4. Your order is held and pulled from inventory while on Layaway.
  5. The 20% Down payment is non-refundable.  All other payments are 100% refundable.
  6. When you have paid in full, the order will be built and shipped.
  7. You will receive an email with a link to your payment page if you checked out as a guest.


  • What can I put on Layaway?
    • Anything that can be added to the online shopping cart is eligible for Layaway. Layaway plans can include multiple items.


  • How do I start a Layaway plan?
    • After you add the items that you wish to put on Layaway to your cart simply click on “LAYAWAY” on the payment types page. You will then only pay the non-refundable deposit of 20%.


  • How do I cancel a Layaway plan?
    • Contact us at [email protected] or Text us at (425) 414-8541 and we’ll be happy to help.


  • How much do I pay for Layaway up front?
    • 20% of the cart total as a non-refundable down payment and the remainder before the end of the 120 day payment term.


  • How much does Layaway cost?
    • Layaway orders cost the same as a standard cash order.  No hidden charges, fees, or interest.


  • What happens if I cancel early?
    • Cancellation results in the refund of your payments with the exception of the first, non-refundable deposit fee of 20%.  Funds will be returned to the original payment method within 7 business days however your bank may require additional time to process the refund.


  • What happens if I pay my balance early?
    • When your final payment is made your item(s) will be queued for shipping. There are no fees or penalties for paying off your balance early.


  • What happens to the items I put on Layaway?
    • Items placed on Layaway are pulled from inventory and held for you.


  • How do I make Layaway payments
    • Make payments by logging into your account at or by clicking on the link that you received in your confirmation email.  It will give you the remainder due and allow for payment.


  • When is my first Layaway payment due?
    • Your first payment is 20% of your cart total and is the non-refundable deposit. This acts as your first payment.  The second payment will be the remainder and is due within 120 days from the purchase date.


  • What forms of payment do you accept for Layaway?
    • We accept all major credit cards through our website. Sorry, no checks, ACH, or money orders.


  • When will I receive my Layaway items?
    • Orders will be queued to ship as soon as the final payment is received.


  • Who is eligible for Layaway?
    • Everyone over 21 years old is eligible. No credit checks.  No application process.


  • What if I don’t pay by the 120 day period?

    • Your items will be returned to inventory as soon as the 120th day is passed.   Repayment will be made for the total amount paid minus the original non-refundable 20% down payment.


We will not automatically charge you when a payment is due. To make a payment, simply log in to your account and make the payment in your dashboard. You can also follow the link in the email that was sent at the time of purchase.  We will also send you a reminder email before a payment is due.


That’s it! If you have additional questions, you can text us at (425) 414-8541, call us at 888-552-4743, or email us at [email protected]