Build Your REGULUS

Designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the USA, Regulus is a modular platform that features two unique frames – start by selecting either the Alpha Full-sized or Beta Compact frame. Then choose between two slide lengths before moving on to the customizable options below:

  • 4 Cerakote frame colors
  • 3 Titanium Nitride barrel colors
  • Threaded or non-threaded barrels
  • G10 or polymer grips
  • 6 different 1911-sized front and rear sight options
  • 10, 15 and 18 round magazines (state restrictions apply)
  • Holsters

At this time, there are 6,912 possible combinations to choose from! How will you build yours?

Click the “Build Your Own” button below to begin your customization.

Please Note: We are continuously perfecting the user experience for people like you, so please be patient as we work to speed up the functionality.

Warranty: 365 Days

Build your own



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