G10 Checkered Diamond Medallion Grips


G10 Checkered Diamond pattern, Medallion Grips for the Regulus Modular Platform, LH9 Series and the DP51*.

Assembly includes:
Both Left & Right Grip Plates
QTY 4 Elastomer Washers
QTY 4 Grip Screws

*Included screws do not fit DP51. You must use your original DP51 screws and O-rings, which are a smaller thread.

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Looking for more grip? Get these ultra-tough checkered G10 grips!

Alpha Full-sized grip plate assembly is for the Regulus Alpha, LH9, LH9N, LH9-MKII, DP51

Beta Compact size grip plate assembly is for the Regulus Beta, LH9C, LH9CN, DP51C

These G10 grips will last a lifetime of normal use.

*Please note: Due to the nature of the layered G10, your grips may vary from the product photos.

Additional information


ALPHA Full-Sized Grip Assembly, BETA Compact Grip Assembly

Medallion Color

Gold, Nickel

G10 Layered Grip Color(s)

All Black, Crimson/Black, Grey/Black