Black G10 Pistol Grips


Black G10 Grips for the REGULUS Alpha, REGULUS Beta, LH9 Series and the DP51*.

Assembly includes:
Both Left & Right Grip Plates
QTY 4 Elastomer Washers for REGULUS
QTY 4 Grip Screws for REGULUS

*Included screws do not fit DP51 or LH9. You must use your original DP51 or LH9 screws and O-rings.

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Alpha Full-sized grip plate assembly is for the REGULUS Alpha, LH9, LH9N, LH9-MKII, DP51

Beta Compact size grip plate assembly is for the REGULUS Beta, LH9C, LH9CN, DP51C

*Please note: Grips include screws for REGULUS. If used on LH9 or DP51, reuse your grip screws. The REGULUS grip screws are longer and will interfere with the magazine if used on an LH9 or DP51.

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ALPHA Full-Sized Grip Assembly, BETA Compact Grip Assembly