Thanks for your interest in the Lionheart Regulus. The Regulus line has been retired and replaced by the new Vulcan 9 lineup.

REGULUS Combat is a full-size fighting pistol based on the REGULUS Alpha that includes a threaded Tru-Axis™ barrel with thread protector, Novak suppressor-height, adjustable, Wide Notch, tritium bar, rear sight and suppressor height, tritium dot (.075 x .280) front sight, durable Cerakote Elite Sand finish, and two 18-round magazines. (Please select the 10-round magazine option, below, for restricted magazine capacity states.)

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Built from the highest-grade materials with cutting-edge technology and precision machining, Regulus refines 30 years of battle-proven reliability into a high-performance package completely made in the United States. Every aspect of the design has been shaped by consumer feedback and reviewer insight – this led to many upgrades, including a refined trigger, redesigned sight sizes, and increased color options.

Regulus is designed to continue the reliable heritage that Lionheart is known for. Regulus is easy to control, simple to maintain, and unparalleled in performance. Aerospace-grade aluminum makes the frame rugged, yet extremely light weight. The chromoly steel slide and Tru-Axis™ barrel will withstand abuse for tens of thousands of rounds in every type of adverse condition. Cerakote protects the entire pistol, ensuring smooth function and resisting damage from use and corrosion. Regulus includes an accessory rail, which allows attachment of lights, lasers, and training aids.



Double Action Plus Trigger The Double Action Plus trigger offers a smooth pull, controlled break, and crisp, short reset that makes this our most refined trigger ever. Set it into DA+ mode to experience a light pull that safely aids first shot accuracy. Green lines appear below the hammer when DA+ is activated!


Novak Sights We include Novak low-profile rear and fiber-optic front sights straight from the factory. Our slide cut is compatible with any Novak 1911 dovetail sight, allowing end-user sight upgrades.

G10 Grips REGULUS features comfortable, custom cut G10 grips that provide exception traction in every situation.

Tru-Axis™ Barrel Lionheart’s Tru-Axis™ barrel system locks up tight and provides unrivaled accuracy.


Carry more ammo with our standard 18-round extended magazines for Regulus Alpha, Beta, and Combat.


Included with every pistol.



“I have been shooting my whole life- everything from pistols, to shotguns, to rifles and even the occasional canon. I have to say, the Regulus is the nicest shooting pistol that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. It’s smooth, reliable and accurate. Try it with a suppressor… you won’t regret it!”

– Travis B.

“I unpacked my Regulus and was absolutely impressed. The gun was lubed and clean. Not a single fingerprint was on it. Excited to get some trigger time on this gun, I was off to the Range. I loaded the magazine with Winchester 124Grain FMJ and went to work on the 15 yd target. The Novak Sights are top notch. First shot, 10 Ring. Rinse and repeat. Every shot is easily placed where I wanted it. Next stop was the pepper poppers. I was able to put down every popper with my first shot. And Yes, this was my third magazine through the gun. As I keep putting lead down range, I grow more and more happy with the purchase.

Who doesn’t love a good trigger? Well, Lionheart won’t disappoint. The single action trigger pull is clean and crisp and there less than ¼” of trigger take-up. Double Action is what you would expect. Longer, consistent pull with a clean, crisp break. The third unique mode, is Double Action Plus. When the hammer is cocked and a round is in battery, simply push the hammer forward. With the hammer forward against the slide, the trigger then moves forward as you would see in double action mode. But, as you pull the trigger, the hammer moves right back to single action mode and the trigger moves back to single action mode. The amount of pressure to do this is a fraction of pulling a double action trigger. This is a very neat feature. I use this feature when I am carrying the gun. In my holster, round in battery, cocked, hammer down, safety on. I like the idea of single action trigger pull with the hammer down in the holster. I really like this feature when the gun has a chance to get dirty, imagine carrying the gun while hunting. I have no fear of debris getting between the hammer and the firing pin as I do with the 1911 that is Cocked and Locked.

On the basics of the pistol. The slide release lever is perfect. It is large enough to find without fumbling around. I can easily drop the slide using only my thumb with the gun held in a single hand. To me, this is a simple test of well-designed guns; when all functions on the gun are easy to operate and feel smooth from any hold.

The machining on the gun is well thought out as well. The diamonds on the grip are exceptional! They provide positive grip moving both up or down and they do this without being sharp or feeling overly aggressive. The machining on top of the slide along the site line. This breaks the pattern sufficiently to stop any glare from both lights inside the range or in direct sunlight. Now, the chevrons on the slide. The cuts are deep and aggressive. You can easily feel them through gloves and they are perfect for easy operations on both the front and the back of the slide. I prefer to use rack the slide by gripping the front of the slide in order to not block my view into the chamber and this couldn’t be easier. Again, the Lionheart team, really thought through this gun. Safety is ambidextrous and big enough to operate easily but not in the way. Of course, the Lionheart Range Case is fantastic. With locks, cleaning rod, brushes and lube leaves you with everything you need for a perfect grab and go kit.

I cannot say enough good things about this gun. It is accurate, fun, it feels right in my hand, and it just works. I have put about 2,000 rounds through it without a single jam or even the Cerakote showing any wear. Since getting this pistol, I have ignored my Sig 229, and I don’t miss it a bit. Now, when I go to the range I always take two guns, my Kimber TLE/RL II and the Regulus…and I shoot the Regulus first every time.”

– Ben P.

“First, a little bit of my background: I shoot in indoor league matches with my husband and my father on Team Cascade, which is shot in four positions, at a distance of 50ft, with highly customized .22 cal. rifles. My husband and I are the rifle instructors for Maple Valley Marksman 4H Shooting Sports, where we teach four-position marksmanship to youth ages 8-18, using .22 cal. rifles. I’ve also taken an interest in IDPA and am working to hone my pistol skills so I can compete in IDPA courses with my husband.

My father recently invited me to shoot pistols with him at a local gun club, with the intent of breaking in his new Alpha Regulus 9mm threaded-barrel pistol made by Lionheart Industries. I brought my Springfield XDM compact .40 cal. and my custom-built Glock 19 9mm. With both of my pistols, I was shooting five-round groups, at 20 ft., that were no bigger than a half dollar. My dad then handed me his new beauty of a pistol, and I proceeded to shoot a single six-round group with it that would fit inside a quarter! Suffice to say I was very pleased with this pistol, and I wish I had one for myself. Not only is it very esthetically pleasing, it’s also a very comfortable gun to shoot, and highly accurate. I also learned that it has three different trigger settings, which is a very neat feature. I would definitely recommend the Alpha Regulus to anyone in the world of pistol marksmanship!”

– Alyssa R.

“I was first introduced to the Lionheart Regulus a few months ago when I was invited to go shooting. I am a female in my mid-forties and have never purchased a firearm of any kind. I have gone shooting with friends but never purchased simply because of my fear of the guns firing unexpectedly. My experience with the Regulus changed my mind on safely owning a firearm. I was fortunate enough to have a Lionheart representative with me that day to go over all the safety features and how to handle the pistol. That day changed my thinking, and I am now saving up to purchase my own Lionheart Regulus Alpha pistol.

A big plus for me is the fact the Lionheart pistols has three different safety features built into it, not to mention the ease of the trigger pull. I have always had a hard time trying to focus on aiming and pulling the trigger without wobbling. With every firearm I’ve used, I find it difficult to easily pull the trigger, and often feel as though I am focusing so much on pulling the trigger because of the resistance, my aim is completely off. The Double Action + feature is amazing! As a female, this made a huge impact on my aim. I put the pistol in double action plus, aimed and very lightly squeezed the trigger. I was amazed by how little resistance there was and the accuracy of my aim. Even the recoil was nowhere near what I expected for a 9mm.

Let me gush about the safety features; this was the most significant selling point for me. Of course, there is the manual safety levers on either side of the pistol. However, where I was sold on the gun’s safety was with the additional built-in safety measures. There is a firing pin catch that prevents the gun from going off unless I manually pulled the trigger. Even if I have a round chambered, and I put it into Double Action + for a quick draw, the bullet is stopped from leaving the chamber without me completely pulling the trigger. The Double Action + is fantastic! I really can’t say enough about the ease of using it, and the interactions of all the safeties built into the pistol. Lionheart really spent some time to make this pistol easy to use and very safe. Knowing that if I were to accidentally drop the gun with a round in the chamber, it will not fire puts my mind at ease. This has been a huge concern of mine, but the Regulus WILL NOT fire without me pulling the trigger.”

– Jessica C.

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(2) 10 Round, (2) 18 Round