Tru-Axis™ Precision Standard and Threaded Barrels


Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrels are the pinnacle of our Regulus Platform – their unique machining process redefines what is possible from a match-grade pistol barrel.

LH9/DP-51 Customers Please Note: While Regulus barrels may fit and operate in LH9/LH9C and DP-51/DP-51C pistols, please refer to important compatibility and fitting information below.

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Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrels are made using a revolutionary single-point rifling system in which one machine completely sculpts every portion of the barrel from start to finish. The rifling alone requires over one hundred and fifty minuscule cuts! This method is ultra-accurate and induces no stress that needs to be relieved later. The result is a barrel with absolute precision and rifling grooves that have a deviation of less than one ten-thousandth of an inch.

Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrels are entirely made in the U.S.A., feature a fully supported chamber body, and have an 11-degree muzzle crown. Each barrel undergoes magnetic particle inspection for microscopic cracks, is then hand polished, and finally protected from corrosion by a titanium nitride coating.

Diamond-Like Coating

Our barrels are coated in an ultra-hard, black, titanium nitride DLC. To allow for a proper break-in and ensure the highest possible accuracy, the barrel’s bore and chamber are uncoated. The barrel bore is pre-oiled at the factory to prevent corrosion. It should be cleaned before use and kept lightly oiled when in storage.

Threaded Option

Our threaded barrels feature a ½-28 right-hand threading that includes a thread protector cap. If you are using a threaded barrel, be sure to confirm you have proper suppressor-to-recoil-rod-clearance before firing for the first time by slowly hand-racking the slide. The (Beta) short threaded barrel gives 0.080″ more clearance for the recoil rod compared to the Alpha (long) threaded barrel.

Compatibility and Fitting

Regulus standard and threaded barrels are designed as drop-in replacements for Regulus Alpha (long slide) and Regulus Beta (short slide) pistols.

Our Alpha (long) and Beta (short) replacement barrels drop in and operate without the need for any fitting in the Regulus Alpha and Regulus Beta pistols, respectively. Our Alpha (long) barrels will fit the DP-51 and LH9, but may require minor gunsmith fitting. Our Beta (short) barrels will fit the DP-51C and LH9C, but may require minor gunsmith fitting.

Because of similarities between the Regulus and the DP-51/LH9 platforms, Regulus barrels should fit and operate in DP-51/LH9 platform pistols. But, due to differences in manufacturing tolerance between the Regulus, the LH9/LH9C, and the DP-51/DP-51C, Lionheart advises customer’s wishing to use a Regulus barrel in an LH9/LH9C or DP-51/DP-51C that they will likely require minor hand-fitting by a licensed gunsmith. Therefore Lionheart Industries cannot guarantee the fit of Regulus barrels in LH9/LH9C and DP-51/DP-51C pistols.

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