True Blue Gun Cleaner, Formula 5, 8 Ounce


Warranty: 365 Days

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Brothers and Arms USA® TRUE BLUE Formula 5 Gun Cleaner is Dumonde’s newest product for cleaning all firearms and knives. Just like all of their other product lines, Formula 5 Cleaner was developed to be aggressive, efficient and high performance. Formula 5 Cleaner leaves no residue. It leaves nothing behind, so applying their TRUE BLUE Gun Oil is essential for corrosion and oxidation protection after cleaning.

Tested and Proven.

Formula 5 is an efficient cleaner and degreaser to break down and flush away grease and oils, break up carbon, lead and copper fouling. Formula 5 got its name from the fact it was the 5th version of this cleaning formula. Urban Dictionary relates to the F5 keyboard key as the function to “refresh” the screen. Formula 5 will refresh your firearms and knifes. And is a very good general purpose cleaner as well.

Performance based
100% Bio-degradable
100% Water Soluble
Environmentally safe and non-toxic
Removes carbon, lead and copper fouling for restoring accuracy
Safe on all metals, plastic, neoprene and coatings used in firearms
Low scent
Dumonde does not re-brand another chemical or solvent and call it their formula!!