The Regulus Story

Lionheart began importing our LH9-Series pistol in 2011.  The LH9 has reliably served as South Korea’s Military service pistol for almost 30 years.  Since 2011, we are proud to say that the LH9 has become synonymous with quality, functionality, and reliability.

In 2015 we moved all design and production to the USA to allow us to further the design of our LH-Series pistols.

Introducing our all new American-made line, the Regulus!  Lionheart is proud to say that the Regulus Platform is designed, sourced, and produced in the USA.  While still based on the same battle-proven design of the LH9, each part of the Regulus has been refined into a high-performance pistol.  The result is absolutely amazing.

You’ll need to see for yourself.

The Regulus platform is completely geared towards you, the shooter.  Combining the highest-quality materials, improved internals, and our Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrel, makes the new Regulus Platform truly amazing.  Our one-of-a-kind Double Action + trigger system has been perfected, offering a fluid pull, a perfect break, and a crisp reset.  Upgraded and expanded sight, grip, magazine, and Cerakote® options mean that your Regulus is tailored to your specific needs.