“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

Introducing the most precision-crafted barrel the world has ever seen.

Our new Tru-Axis™ precision barrels are made using a revolutionary single-point rifling system in which one machine comprehensively crafts every part of the barrel from start to finish. The rifling alone is done with over one hundred fifty miniscule cuts! This method induces no stress to be relieved later and is ultra-accurate, even after normal machine tool wear. The result is a precision barrel with perfect concentricity between chamber, free-bore and rifling, a very uniform twist rate, and rifling grooves with a deviation of less than one ten thousandth of an inch from groove depth to groove depth.

Tru-Axis™ precision barrels are made in the U.S.A., feature a fully supported chamber body, and have an 11-degree muzzle crown. Each barrel is magnetic particle checked for microscopic cracks, hand polished to a mirror finish, and then protected with our industry best titanium-nitride coating.

Here at Lionheart, we believe you should have options to make your pistol exactly how you want it to be! Therefore, our Tru-Axis™ precision barrels come in three different colors and are available in standard and threaded variants. In addition to providing top of the line wear resistance, our titanium-nitride coating comes in your choice of gold, black, or grey. Threaded barrels come with ½ – 28 right-hand threading that is protected by our signature engraved diamond cap.

The new full-sized Tru-Axis™ precision barrel is everything you have ever wanted for your full-sized Lionheart! It is fully compatible with the LH9 and MKII, as well as the Daewoo DP51. You can either choose the standard barrel, or go with the threaded barrel to host the suppressor of your choice! Whether you’re in the field, on the range, or on the go, our Tru-Axis™ precision barrel will always provide fantastic accuracy and ultimate reliability!

There is no better complement to your LH9C or DP51C than our compact Tru-Axis™ precision barrel! Available in either standard or threaded variants, the compact Tru-Axis™ precision barrel will provide unhindered accuracy and reliability for your compact pistol. The titanium-nitride finish will resist wear for tens of thousands of rounds so that you can be confident your Lionheart will be ready for action when you need it most.

"Wow! The new barrel totally blew away my expectations! "


"Oh Daddy!"


"I will eat my shorts if someone has a more accurate barrel"

Tru-Axis™ process designer

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Starting at $329.99

Tru-Axis™ 9mm Barrel for LH9 series and DP-51 compact and full sized pistols. All three colors are industry best titanium nitride!


Warranty: 365 Days

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Test suppressor to recoil rod clearance before firing the first time by slowly hand racking the slide.

For proper break-in and highest accuracy, your Tru-Axis™ barrel’s bore and chamber are not coated with the extremely hard titanium nitride coating that is on the outside. Bore comes pre-oiled (see Barrel FAQ below).

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Wow!! This barrel is incredible! It dropped into my MKII like a glove and has run flawlessly since day 1! I love the gold finish, it really adds a classy touch to my pistol. The accuracy is excellent, I’ve got about 250 rounds through it so far and every shot has been exactly where I wanted it. This barrel is markedly different from the old barrel in a few key areas, and those changes definitely are for the better. One change I’m really happy about is that the guide-rod notch is cut much deeper; I always felt it was too shallow on the original barrel and I’m glad to see they thought so too! I can’t wait to get a suppressor on the end of this and make use of the threading I have waited so long for! Great job Lionheart!!

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Barrel FAQ:

How long are these barrels?

Barrel lengths are shown below (from hood to muzzle (less cap)):

  • Compact short standard: 3.66″
  • Compact short threaded: 4.30″
  • Full long standard: 4.13″
  • Full long threaded: 4.70″

What are these barrels made of?

Stress free prehardened chromium-molybdenum alloy steel which holds shape during and after Tru-Axis™ machining for the ultimate in accuracy.

What kind of suppressor do you recommend?

Our threaded barrels come with ½ – 28 right-hand threading that is protected by our signature engraved diamond cap. Test suppressor to recoil rod clearance first before firing the first time by slowly hand racking the slide. Remember to use subsonic rounds.

Below are examples of suppressors that work with our barrels:

  • GSL Technology 9mm Legend (See their Facebook video here)
  • GSL Technology 9mm Boss (See their Facebook video here)
  • SilencerCo 9mm OSPREY

Are there taller "suppressor" sights for my LHN or LHCN pistol?

There are no “suppressor” sights for your Novak’s LoMount Carry 380 rear sight, .060″ base .200″ front sight LH9N or LH9CN pistols.

What do I do for barrel maintenance?

For proper break-in and highest accuracy, your Tru-Axis™ barrel’s bore and chamber are not coated with the extremely hard titanium nitride coating that is on the outside. Your barrel comes with the bore and chamber sprayed with short term rust inhibitor. When you receive your barrel, you should reapply a light oil in the bore if you will use it soon or thicker oil if you plan to store the barrel for future use. Preventing oxidation and corrosion in the barrel is the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for a barrel that has been improperly stored, neglected, or abused. Do not clean from the muzzle end of the barrel.

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